Yard Farm Fun https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/ Yard Farm Fun Wallace Creek The sandbar makes a great place to hang out at low tide. https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798516 186798516 Sonny & Mary Bishop's grandchildren Heading out on the creek! https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798517 186798517 Jarom Later, Sonny & Mary Bishop's grandson Heading out on the creek! https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798518 186798518 Sariah Later, Sonny & Mary Bishops granddaughter Heading out on the creek! https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798521 186798521 Goats at the Yard Farm These goats belong to Bette Ruth Bishop https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798522 186798522 Sonny Bishop and his great-grandson, Caleb https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798523 186798523 Duke the Donkey Duke lives at the Yard Farm. He's a patient soul who loves to participate in live nativities. https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798526 186798526 Katie (Later) Roberts and Caleb The boat in the background is the location for the old dock used by the Fuller Plantation for loading cotton onto schooners and steamships in the 1800's. https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798527 186798527 Matt Roberts and Caleb Enjoying a summer day on Wallace Creek. https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798528 186798528 Mary Bishop and her granddaughter, Katie (Later) Roberts Mary Bishop is a wonderful seamstress and loves sharing her sewing skills with her granddaughters. https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798530 186798530 Hezzie Bishop and Matt Roberts Going for a ride https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798531 186798531 Sonny Bishop and his great-grandson, Caleb Getting a ride on the tractor is the highlight of the trip for any young child visiting the Yard Farm. https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798532 186798532 Rudy Bishop Rudy and his wife Denise run Love for Therapeutic Riding (LTR) from their home on the Yard Farm. LTR is a nonprofit organization that uses horseback riding to improve quality of life for children with disabilities. https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=186798533 186798533 Rudy Bishop and Katie (Later) Roberts Going shrimping! https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=187178066 187178066 Matt Roberts - first shrimping trip! https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=187178067 187178067 A nocturnal visitor https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=187178070 187178070 Sonny Bishop and Tom Redding Cruising the Yard Farm https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=187178071 187178071 We love eating shrimp right out of the creek! https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=187178072 187178072 Rudy Bishop waiting on his serving of shrimp https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=187178073 187178073 Pirates on the Yard Farm https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=187178074 187178074 Sonny Bishop and Sandi Kehoe-Forutan Sandi is cataloging slave cemeteries for the Penn Center, so Sonny showed her the one on the Yard Farm that was used by the Fuller Plantation. https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=188104104 188104104 https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=198320706 198320706 https://www.bishopsbest.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=198320707 198320707